Velocity created with the objective of integrating IT into financial sector and to improve customer service and generate cost savings from non-core support services. We help you to cut your cost by basing our execution team in India, and taking advantages of India's low-cost and high quality work force. We use our expertise to provide useful advises to our clients.

We are fastened to technology so you can fly, freeing up time and money for what you do best. We do more to keep you one step ahead, maybe more. We are constantly striving to be the best at what we do, so you can be the best at what you do. We understand that it's not just about technology - it's people that make the difference. Which means more listening and taking time to understand.

Our management team has got many years of experience in American industries and attended many management training programs such as Competency based behavioral event interviewing, Labor relation workshop, Managing a union environment, The system for Root cause analysis, The problem investigation and proactive improvement (Tap Root), Bayer Corporation international management simulation program, Process Validation, Bayer Corporation Presentation skills workshop, Bayer Corporation managerial development workshop, Bayer corporation Situational leadership workshops.

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