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We take enormous efforts to understand your process. The key to deliver the best to our customer is to understand their needs. We do appropriate due diligence in understanding your processes. Yes, we take a professional approach to understand your processes and to propose a Work Plan and Pilot Project.

Step 1: Determine the Boundaries.

  1. Where does a process begin?
  2. Where does a process end?

Step 2: List the Steps

  1. Start the task description.
  2. The flowchart can either show the sufficient information to understand the general process flow or detail every finite action and decision point.

Step 3: Sequence the Steps

  1. Rearrange the task appropriately.
  2. Draw workflow in the order.

Step 4: System Model

  1. Draw charts using system model approach.
  2. Input - use information based upon people, machines, material, method, and environment.
  3. Process - use subsets of processes in series or parallel.
  4. Output - use outcomes or desired results.
  5. Control - use best in class business rules.
  6. Feedback - use information from surveys or feedback.

Step 5: Check for Completeness

  1. Include pertinent chart information, using title and date for easy reference.

Step 6: Finalize the Flowchart

  1. Ask if this process is being run the way it should be.

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